"Scrum is easy to understand but difficult to master."

Yes! It likes when you play chess, the rule is easy to understand but difficult to win. It needs practice again and again to be master. When I hold a Scrum class, I got the same problem with how can I help my trainees become Professional Scrum Master, not how to help them understand Scrum but also practice as well.

spent my time to research about Simulation Scrum Games. There are some games like Lego4 ScrumScrum Card... but they were not what I'm looking for. I need a game helps my trainees to practice Scrum likes the real situation. They need to face with something happens in real Scrum team everyday and whereby, they can improve and know how to handle this situation.
The game I need is also easy to play, fun, but after that, it keeps the team focus, burn their brain to play, to deal with the problem while delivering. From that, they transform the theory into knowledge by themselves.

It spent a couple of months to research. I decided to build a game myself, first just simple prototype to test how my trainees react with that. I got some feedbacks (good and bad) and they gave me more chance to improve the game. Until now, I think it's the right time to public game out.
Scrum game workshop
Scrum game workshop
Values of my Simulation Scrum Game:

  1. Easy to set up and play
  2. Fun
  3. It simulates similar the real situations team face everyday. 
  4. Even you play as Product Owner, Scrum Master or Development Team, you still have your lesson learn. Everybody plays and learns. 

The game uses Lego to play (optional, you can use anything else if it works), Like Lego4Scrum. But a key is: I created some cards: Roles, Team Issues, Coins, and Impediments card. They make the game challenging and real. In the Sprint,  team need to roll a dice to know what issue or impediment they need to deal with.

The game also has time box and events like real Scrum (which are defined in Scrum Guide). But it is simulated so only take 45 mins for each of Sprint, and you will play a game in 2 to 3 Sprints to build a product.

You can look into a very first version of this game by reading the guide here to build a game for your class or your team to play. Yeah, of course, it's free!

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