Scrum is not Silver Bullet and never apply Scrum to be successful for sure! Scrum's just a framework, and It does not teach you how to use or how to succeed with Scrum. Scrum only introduces you a way, but how to do depend on yourself. Because Applying Scrum successfully is difficult as the world is always complex… - No Silver Bullet for anything.

Therefore, I write Series about "Scrum Anti-patterns" to share some hard situations happened in real when applying Scrum and avoid miss-understanding about Scrum.

"Scrum is simple, just use it as is!!" - Ken Schwaber

List of posts:

Scrum Anti-Patterns .1: [Scrum Anti-Patterns] Scrum with Human Resources
Scrum Anti-Patterns .2: [Scrum Anti-Patterns] Definition of Done in the wrong way
Scrum Anti-Patterns .3: [Scrum Anti-Patterns] Daily Scrum: Does it must be held at the beginning of the day
Scrum Anti-Patterns .4: [Scrum Anti-Patterns] Sprint Length and some misunderstandings​ 

Scrum on!

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